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Exhibiting since 1987 - Breeding since 1989 
Home of Multi Best in Show winning Gundogs
We breed and show BEST IN SHOW winners

Consistently in the winners circle - in both solid and parti colours

Our breeding quality shines through - breeding versatile Cockers gaining titles in conformation, tracking, endurance, scentwork and obedience

Many of our show team are BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP winners, or RUNNER UP BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP winners and we have several who are BEST IN SHOW or RUNNER UP BEST IN SHOW winners


Welcome to our website - sharing an insight into the dogs we currently own, our plans for the future and always remembering how and where we started.  

We proudly breed and exhibit top winning gundogs in Australia. Our passion for the three breeds we have is unwaivered and in the show ring our dogs are consistent winners under local, international and breed specialists.

Our dogs are shown from as far north as the Tablelands (FNQ) out to the west at Mount Isa and the east Coast of Qld from Cairns down to Sarina.  We also show our dogs in and around Brisbane and the northern NSW areas - depending on the judges, which dogs are living with who and what commitments we have. If you want to see our dogs in action and find out where our next show might be, please contact us.

Terri commenced showing Cockers in 1987 and bred the first MACDOLLY litter in 1989.
Heath commenced showing Cockers and Vizsla in 2000 and bred first ASUARE litter in 2004.
Denise commenced showing Cockers in 2004 all the Cockers and Vizsla born at Macdolly and Asuare are 'planned/reared' by us all in one way or another.  Her daughter Chelsea was an integral part of our show team whilst she was in school, and regularly travelled to the shows with Denise and became a very good handler. Chelsea is still with us but not at the shows, she looks after the dogs at home whilst Denise and Terri travel to show the dogs - could not do it without her.

To verify our membership, please contact DogsQueensland on 07 3252 2661 e: [email protected]  (Macdolly - Terri Davies 4004393810  Asuare - Heath Thomson 4100054120. Denise Burke 4100087767

Over the years we have imported dogs from New Zealand, Denmark, France and Scotland, plus frozen semen from the UK to continue to expand our gene pool and incorporate lines that compliment our current dogs and to continue to produce breed type with temperament and soundness as hallmarks of our lovely breeds.

The more success one has in the show ring and/or the whelping box seems to encourage the 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' in Australia.  In recent years we no longer show every Friday/Saturday and Sunday - those days have long gone by as the hobby of exhibiting has become a very expensive sport - not only in actual dollars but in time as well with long distances to be travelled and whole days, often whole weekends taken up by a trip to the show ring.  

In 2014 our team certainly began to wind down in attending shows, and we now pick our shows based upon the weather, if the investment of our time and money will be viable and if we really want to 'show to' a particular judge to gain their opinion of our dog/s. No longer do we show every weekend at multiple shows we are now getting too old to chase points across the countryside ....

Over many years we have collaborated with others with same goals in the breeds and with dogs we have admired. Without the generosity of many we would not have the amazing dogs we share our lives with today and we thank each and every one of your for your contribution. 

We are very proud and fortunate to have Brooke Reading as a regular handler for our dogs - and we cannot thank her enough for taking on the challenges of exhibiting the dogs with us - her talent in the ring makes us humble and grateful for her assistance and we hope that Brooke will continue to handle with us for many years to come.

In 2018 Monique Gardiner became a fully fledged handler with the team, exclusivley handling her black girl 'Birdie" and she took on charge of 'SmickeyMouse' as well - she is the dream team with the Golden Retriever 'Wally' and together they won their first Best in Show all breed in 2018.  We look forward to Monique handling with us for many years to come, as she learns more about the breeds and how to prepare and present them.

Lastly we thank Karleen Bennett and Linda Kantek (Royoni) for helping us in so many ways - for all your support and for allowing us access to your beautiful dogs and for helping us have a few parti colours to dabble with whilst we are in the pursuit of success with our beloved solids.

Thank you to our friends who have captured many of the images to make our memories complete, and the photographers who have taken the time to snap our dogs - thank you for without the photographs the memories would be in our minds only and unable to be shared with the world .......

All care taken but no responsibilty for any errors or ommissions - if you feel we have an error on our website please email us to advise so that we can update the information

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